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Direct Instruction

In grades pre-k through 5th, the Direct Instruction program is utilized as the primary reading, language and spelling curriculum. Direct Instruction is a research-based, data-driven model that emphasizes teaching concepts to mastery. Students are placed in instructional groups based on their individual needs. All skills and concepts are explicitly taught in a highly structured learning environment and practiced until students are capable of performing the tasks independently. This program has proven success with all learners, including students with special needs and high-performing students.

Core Knowledge

The Core Knowledge curriculum includes authentic fiction and nonfiction texts that teachers read aloud. These texts are grouped in knowledge domains that create interactive opportunities to question, discuss and share central ideas. This curriculum ensures students are well prepared when they transition from “learning to read” to “reading to learn.” For more information, visit www.coreknowledge.org.

Enrichment Classes

Enrichment classes at Govans enhance the core curricular studies in the classroom. Our scheduling includes Art, Physical Education, Library and Computer Science. Enrichment classes are taught in a four-day rotation for 45 minutes each day.

Restorative Practice

Govans is committed to building a caring school community, one based on positive relationships, inclusivity and respect. We do this, in part, through our Restorative Practices program, a comprehensive, whole-school approach to building community and reducing conflict. Based on best practices outlined by the International Institute of Restorative Practices, we are committed to providing high-quality training and support to all of our school staff so we can better meet the needs of our students and families.